Perception IS

  • A changed opinion can happen over night or over years.
  • Opinions form with repeated exposure to ideas - good or bad.
  • Ideas become the basis for perception.

Move the mouse over each picture to see the reality.

The public’s perception of you is THEIR reality.

How do we change the public’s reality?

By changing the public’s perception.

What’s “right” for each organization?

Whatever you want to accomplish, Creative Focus can develop programs “right” for your organization.

A public education emphasis or

    public relations campaign or

      marketing or

        advertising or

          maybe all of these or

maybe something

completely different

Creative Focus helps you

  • Focus the message
  • Determine the desired result
  • Define the needed strategies
  • Implement strategies
  • Measure results

What does the public think of us?

How do we know?

What do we want the public to think?

Why do we want the public to think this?

What’s our reality?

Where do we want our reality to be?

Having a hard time with the answers?

Creative Focus Can help.

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